Advisor Services

We have worked with insurers to enhance the services we can provide to our advisor clients.

The companies below have completed the following projects with us.

Provisions of protection quotation data to enable us provide these in “Money Advice” and “Mobile Money Advice”.

Aviva, Caledonian, Friends First, Irish Life, New Ireland, and Zurich.

Provision of policy data to enable us populate our software systems with client policy data.

Aviva, Friends First, Irish Life, New Ireland (Zurich will be available shortly).

Description: BrokerCRM-Zurich-Home-Ins-Ban-0909

Zurich General Insurance have established a major bridge between their in-house quotation, underwriting and administration systems with Money Advice enabling Money Advice clients sell the Zurich quality house insurance product. This facility provides Brokers with competitive quotation, proposal and policy documents on line and in real time. This facility is designed to give brokers a quality product, a new source of income, and an enhanced relationship with their clients. Brokers have placed substantial household business through lenders and can now easily recover this.

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