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 “Money Advice” version of the software provides client and policy information, protection quotations, client and policy downloads from insurers, needs analysis, risk profiler, MoneyMate funds research, fact find reports, CPC 2012 compliance, Home Insurance placing facility, tax and net income calculator, product library, mortgage fact find and calculators including mortgage repayment calculator and Standard Financial Statement reporting.

This software alone provides advisors with all the essential tools in the sales process and is designed to do just that at very reasonable cost.

All reports from the system include broker branding.

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The “Money Advice” product costs €65 per month plus vat per 6 users in one office.

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Money Advice + CRM
Money Advice +CRM

“Money Advice+CRM” is the enterprise version of the software which includes the full CRM (tasks, logs, appointments. letters, emails, reviews, etc), comprehensive management reporting in all areas of activity, compliance management suite, pipeline recording , underwriting tracking, document management, marketing tools incorporating mail and email merges, commissions tracking, reconciliation and reporting.

This level of the software is designed to provide the full file management in an online environment. Additionally it is ideally suited to track all sales activity at an office or team level.

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The “Money Advice” product costs €65 per month plus vat per user (excludes document management)

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Mobile Money Advice
Moblie money Advice

Mobile Money Advice is the first smartphone quotation service for advisors in Ireland, providing Term Protection instant quotations wherever and whenever required to generate business leads.

These smartphone quotations from all providers in the market can be accessed from any smartphone device (iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc). The service is also available on iPad and other tablet devices.

Pricing €5 plus vat per month for one user.

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Broker Web site quotations

Broker Web site quotations For €60 plus vat per month we provide protection quotations on broker websites. The quotations provide “best price” only quote and can also be adjusted to provide premium discounts as decided by individual brokers.

We can also arrange that leads generated also populate our “Money Advice” software to facilitate immediate follow up.

View at http://www.philiporeilly.comexternal link

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Mobile optimized web sites
Mobile optimized web sites
A mobile optimised web site presenting just the right and relevant set of information in a specifically tailored format that works on the various smart phone devices.
  • Provide advice through best price quotes
  • Tell your customers more about your services , news, blogs and events through mobile optimised content
  • Engage more closely with your prospects and customers through utilities like


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Mobile apps
mobile apps
For advisors who would like to offer premium services to their clients, advanced functions that can help build interactive user engagement delivered through native apps on iPhone, iPad and Android phones, tablets.
  • Manage the customers who have access to the application
  • Deliver policy, portfolio information to clients in an interactive manner.
  • Secure communication channel between advisors and customers to share messages, documents etc.

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Advisor link logo

Under our "AdvisorLink" brand we provide technology services to our customers other than our core CRM and Advice software applications.

The type of services includes;

  • Bespoke software development for Advisors and others
  • Advisor websites
  • On line services and data downloads from product providers.
  • Integration with other software applications.

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