"Money Advice" and "Money Advice+CRM"

"Money Advice” and “Money Advice+CRM” are web based software packages developed in 2012 to provide Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, Mortgage Advisors and Finance Consultants with comprehensive Quotations and CRM platforms to empower them to compliantly provide in-depth, quality advice and on-going services to their clients.

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Improved Customer Relationships | Informed Advice | Single View of Customers and Products

In building software solutions for our advisor customers we have committed to providing full support across all financial mortgage and lending products and to integrate with the other systems and providers where we can improve on services to our clients. Our objective is to provide substantial saving in administration time, create revenue opportunities for advisors though marketing capabilities and provide on line links to providers in the areas of life protection products, wealth management, pensions, mortgages and personal lines general insurance.

  • Protection Products including Life, Serious Illness. Mortgage Protection and Income Protection.
  • Investments and Savings
  • Pensions
  • Mortgages
  • General Insurance; Household, Payment Protection and Health.

Needs analysis calculators are designed to provide financial planning in the areas of;

  • Life Cover
  • Serious Illness
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Pensions
  • Education Fees Funding
  • Savings and Lump Sum Investment
  • Borrowings and other commitments

Client and Policy Data (up to date policy data are received from Aviva, BCP, Friends First, Irish Life, New Ireland, Standard Life and Zurich and are regularly updated on the system).

Compliance tools (CPC 2012) are a strong feature of the system with helpful checklists and prompts. The system produces compliance reports on a product, advisor and office wide basis.

Quotations, research reports, fact finds, compliance questionnaires, portfolio reports, client risk profile reports, and needs analysis reports are printed on graphically designed forms with the advisors branding prominent. All reports are graphically aligned to the fact find reports to provide comprehensive client presentations in an attractive format. Fact Find reports are automatically updated from Insurer data downloads.

"Money Advice" is linked to "MoneyMate" providing fund information and performance data on more than 850investment funds with supporting Fact Sheets where available.

The Document Library is a powerful resource in the system.

Mortgage Advisors can avail of the quotations system with up to date mortgage rates from lenders. Additionally the system provides the following mortgage related calculators;

  • Repayment (monthly, interest only and bi-weekly).
  • Stamp Duty
  • Mortgage Fact Find and Affordability Calculator
  • Loan Consolidation
  • Extra monthly payment and/or lump sum.
  • Mortgage comparison (different rates, terms, amounts)

For client users of BrokerCRM we are creating a facility to export the client and policy information from BrokerCRM to Money Advice thus providing up to date client and policy information in Money Advice and facilitate a move from BrokerCRM to the new MoneyAdvice+CRM system.

We can also import client and policy data from other sources.

Money Advice Logo “Money Advice” version of the software provides client and policy information, protection quotations, client and policy downloads from insurers, needs analysis, risk profiler, MoneyMate funds research, fact find reports, CPC 2012 compliance, Home Insurance placing facility,tax and net income calculator, product library, mortgage fact find and calculators including mortgage repayment calculator and Standard Financial Statement reporting.

This software alone provides advisors with all the essential tools in the sales process and is designed to do just that at very reasonable cost.

All reports from the system include broker branding.

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The “Money Advice” product costs €65 per month plus vat per 6 users in one office.

Money Advice +CRM“Money Advice+CRM” is the enterprise version of the software which includes the full CRM (tasks, logs, appointments. letters, emails, reviews, etc), comprehensive management reporting in all areas of activity, compliance management suite, pipeline recording , underwriting tracking, document management, marketing tools incorporating mail and email merges, commissions tracking, reconciliation and reporting.

This level of the software is designed to provide the full file management in an online environment. Additionally it is ideally suited to track all sales activity at an office or team level.

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The “Money Advice” product costs €65 per month plus vat per user (excludes document management)