AML - PEPs Scanning - FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION; Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010
We had sought to establish from our Broker clients if they wished us to provide this service. The interest was good and based on this we built the software and made arrangements to get a reputable firm to regularly provide a list of Politically Exposed Persons to enable us provide the required compliance scanning for our broker clients on an ongoing basis. Having written to brokers, twice, seeking payment of the applicable fee the response has been very poor, thus putting the project in jeopardy. WE URGENTLY NEED TO KNOW IF YOU WISH TO GET INVOLVED AND IF SO WE NEED PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. ALL MONEY ADVICE CLIENTS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE. If we cannot confirm to providers before the end of this month, the cost of providing the service will increase. This also applies if we have reduced numbers proposing to avail of the services. We need all those who agreed to take the service to confirm with payment before close of business on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20th 2018. For reference purposes